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Happy Valentine's Day Eve!

I know that doesn't exist but I just invented it. 
I needed a reason to put 8 of my books on sale and decided to seize the day.
      To celebrate love and romance and everything fun that goes along with it, I've decided to put 8 of my books on sale for the next few days,2/13 - 2/15.

     The first book on sale is my brand new one, My One and Only.  Original price is $4.99 but now you can grab it for just $2.99.  I know, this is crazy. Here's the link.

Here's the list of my other books I've decided to knock down to $.99:
Falling for Rayne- link
You Belong with Me- link
Dreaming of Ivy- link
Come to Me - link
and from my Pen name, Katie Lee O'Guinn - 

Werewolf Dreams -link
and Hunted - link

All of them $.99 for 3 days only.
     So have an amazing Valentine's Day tomorrow and remember that romance is just as far away as your Kindle.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Official Announcement - My One and Only is...

My One and Only is LIVE! (on Kindle)

I made a mini-announcement last Friday, but if you 
don't follow me on Facebook or twitter you 
missed hearing about it. Here's the link.

And I'm glad I let the cat out of the bag because I already have 3 reviews! To see all the reviews: go here. Here's one of them :

Format:Kindle Edition
Oh my goodness gracious great balls of fire Batman!! So many feelings!! I just don't know where to start!! My One and Only was absolutely AMAZING!! I LOVED it!!

Meredith and Asher are no strangers to our town of Fircrest. I'm sure along the way you have loved them and also may have wanted to shake them a bit and say "What in the world is wrong with you?!" At least I did! ;)

Meredith is pretty much broke. Her wedding planning business just is not taking off like she had hoped it would. She knew she needed to come up with something and fast before she either ended up on the streets or moving back home with her mom and dad. While talking with Asher she comes up with the brilliant idea of starting a dating service. And Asher, being the business savvy kind of guy that he is, takes the idea and runs with it. Enter in Brogan Moore and you now have True Love, L.L.C.

Things are going great! And then all of the sudden Asher and Pule Matafeo decide that they BOTH have feelings for Meredith! But what does Meredith do?! Well... she decides that she has been hurt by love one too many times and she would rather concentrate on getting her business up and running. She thinks she can be happy with lots of friends around her and that she doesn't need love in her life. What?! I know!! Crazy, right?! *sigh* This girl I tell ya! After hurting Asher she enlists Pule's help to make things right between the two of them. What starts out as Pule helping Meredith get Asher back as a friend turns into the whole Fircrest crew trying to get Meredith to open her eyes and see how much Asher really does love her, how much she really does love him and just how perfectly perfect they are for each other!!

One of the things I love most about Asher and Meredith is that they are just so passionate! When they love... they love hard... they will do anything and everything to hold on to what they've got... and as we saw in the other books... that isn't always a good thing. However, in My One and Only, you can see just how much those choices have affected them and see how much they want to change for the better. They really have grown up a lot!

Pule has also grown up quite a bit. Having to experience what happened to Cleo has really opened his eyes and mellowed him out. Once he realizes just how much Asher loves Meredith he does the only thing he can and that is to help his best friend get the girl he loves. I think one of my favorite parts is the moment that Pule and Asher share at The Iron Skillet. I'm not going to say anymore.. you'll just have to read the book to find out what I am talking about. :)

This journey for Meredith and Asher was more than just finding true love. It was a journey of self discovery.. of healing past hurts.. of hope that there is more to life then what they had been through.. of growing.. of learning.. of gaining new friendships and strengthening old ones.. finding peace with the past.. knowing that what they had been through had made them who they are.. and just knowing that no matter what has happened in the past they most definitely deserve their own HEA. And I. Loved. Every. Single. Minute!

Another amazing book by Shannon!! I seriously love everything that she creates!! She just has a way of sucking you in and not letting you go until the very end!! I am definitely looking forward to the other books in this series!! I can't wait to see Pule and Tristan get their own HEA!! So Shannon... when does the next book come out?! ;) Hehe.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cover Reveal for My One and Only!

I know, I know! I've been making you wait and I'm sorry for that. But I hope you will allow me to make up for it with this cover reveal. I found an amazing Cover Designer (Sherry Gammon who also happens to be an amazing author - check out her books. Really, check them out.) 
and I'm in LOVE with this cover. 
I think Meredith deserved a rockin' cover and she got one. Tell me what you think. Oh, and when will My One and Only be live on Kindle?  I'm hoping next week. Okay, for sure next week. You have my word on it.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Want a Sneak Peek at Book 1 in the Love and Weddings Trilogy?

Happy New Years everyone!

    This year has started out amazing already. I can't wait to see what the rest of 2015 has in store for me. I found out a few days ago that Dreaming of Ivy won a Swoony Award!  Here's the link. Check out all of the other books that won too, including my book Hunted that I wrote under my pen name, Katie Lee O'Guinn.

     And now, to share a little of the love. Meredith is a firecracker. Some people love her, some people hate her, but that girl is never boring. I think you'll enjoy her story.

Chapter 1 – Matchmaker

                Meredith stared moodily at the door, willing her client to walk through it.  She glanced down at her phone for the tenth time in two minutes and sighed.  Jo Sanderson had found her website last week and scheduled a consultation for that morning. But she was now fifteen minutes late and it was looking like she was going to be stood up. Again.
            Meredith closed her eyes and concentrated on not throwing a temper tantrum like the three year old little boy across the room who was that very minute kicking his feet into the air with all the passion of an 80’s rocker.
            “I give up,” she whispered as she sat up straight and slipped her phone into her purse. 
            Meredith’s head whipped up as she automatically cringed.
            “Kam,” she said with what she hoped was a confident smile, praying her desperation wasn’t showing.  She watched as Kam pulled out the chair across from her and sat down. He looked good. Of course he always did.  When didn’t Kam Matafeo look amazing? Being gloriously happy and in love gave him an extra sparkle though and she had to admit that Bailey was good for him.
            “What are you doing sitting here all by yourself?” he asked, glancing around the bakery curiously.
            Meredith had decided that since she couldn’t afford office space yet and she did most of her work online anyways, that meeting clients at Belinda’s Bakery was the smart thing to do.  Unfortunately, it meant running into just about everyone she knew.
            “I’m actually meeting a client,” she said with an upward tilt of her chin. “Well, I’m supposed to be meeting a client. She’s running late,” she said, swallowing sickly as she thought of her bank balance and all of her bills that were starting to pile up.  If she didn’t get a few clients soon, she was going to have to give up on her dream of being a wedding planner and go back into the work force.
            Kam nodded his head. “Pule told me all about your wedding planning business.  How many clients do you have right now?”
            Meredith ran a hand through her long, stick straight, blond hair as she began to sweat.  “Not that many . . . um, it’s kind of close to zero right now. I’m hoping Jo Sanderson will change that to one though.  Getting clients in this business is all about word of mouth.  I planned Jane’s wedding, but I need more experience. People don’t want to trust the most important day of their life to me with just one wedding under my belt.”
            Kam frowned and scratched his chin as he studied her.  Meredith couldn’t help the small sigh that slipped out as she studied his handsome, strong face.  Kam had been the man of her dreams and she’d let him slip out of her fingers as carelessly as if she’d picked up a handful of sand.  And she regretted it every single day.  She no longer cried at night when she thought about him, but her heart still ached sometimes.
            Kam shook his head. “Mer, if the clients aren’t coming to you, then you go and get them.  You’re not a woman to sit back and wait for life to happen. You make it happen.”
            Meredith smiled and then for some reason felt like crying. A year ago, she would have thrown her arms around Kam’s neck and kissed him but now he was married to Bailey Downing and they were expecting their first child in a matter of months. Running into ex-boyfriends was never fun. It always brought up so many memories.
            She smiled and patted his arm. “Thanks, Kam. You’re a good friend.”
            Meredith’s head whipped up as she heard the bell ring over the door. Her heart sped up as a tall, gorgeous brunette, dressed in holey jeans, biker boots and a white t-shirt walked in with a motorcycle helmet under her arm. 
            Kam glanced around curiously and stood up.  “Looks like your client has arrived.  Take care, Mer,” he said softly, touching her shoulder before walking to the counter.
            Meredith swallowed a few butterflies and stood up, wiping her hands quickly on her pale cream skirt she’d picked for the meeting.
            “Jo?” she asked, smiling brightly at the woman who was frowning nervously as she glanced around the bakery.
            The woman glanced at her and nodded her head briskly before walking over and holding her hand out.            
            “You must be Meredith,” she said and then pulled out Kam’s vacated chair and sat down, setting her helmet on the floor.
            Meredith signaled for Jane who was smiling happily at her.  She’d made arrangements with Jane that as soon as her client showed up, she would bring over a plate of pastries and hot chocolate.  It was January and in Fircrest, Washington that meant everyone and everything was wet and chilly.
            Jo’s smile relaxed into a happy grin as Jane set the hot chocolate and pastries down in front of them.
            “I thought it was weird to meet at a bakery, but now I can see why. The smell of chocolate, combined with warmth and yummy things to eat is like instant Xanax.  I’m feeling better about this wedding stuff already,” she said, picking up a pastry drizzled with chocolate and taking a large bite.
            Meredith’s shoulders relaxed a fraction and she picked up a lemon square and took a small nibble.  “This is one of my favorite places to meet people.  It’s relaxed, it’s right in the middle of town and everyone walks out happy.”
            Jo grinned and took a sip of her hot chocolate.  “You’re smart.  I like that.  So here’s the deal. Like I told you in my last email, I love my guy but I have no idea how to plan a wedding.  I don’t have much money or time and I’m desperate since we’re supposed to be getting married in two months.”
            Meredith bit her lip and nodded as she opened her laptop.  “I have many options we can look into.  Let’s go over my package deals and see if one of these fits what you have in mind. If not, we can always customize and I can handle part of your wedding and your family or bridesmaids can help out with what we don’t cover.”
            Jo cleared her throat and looked away as a shadow came into her eyes.  “Yeah, well, there’s a problem with that. I’m kind of on my own,” she said quietly.
            Meredith’s eyebrows rose slightly and she felt her heart ache for the young woman.  “Not exactly. You have me now,” she said and shut her laptop.  She spent the next half an hour talking about ways they could save money.  Jo was willing to do a lot of the leg work herself and with Meredith’s creativity and contacts she was hopeful that they could pull off a small but elegant affair.
            Jo’s fiancĂ©, Nick worked for the Seattle Sea Hawks as an assistant defensive coach.  Jo worked as a counselor for troubled teens and was passionate about her work since she’d been a troubled teen herself.  She’d grown up living in a foster home since the age of eleven and still kept in touch with her foster mom but she truly was on her own.  Nick had offered to help out with half of the costs for the reception but since Jo’s salary was pretty meager, there wasn’t much to work with. 
            Meredith had been on a tight budget for Jane’s wedding too and she’d had fun pulling everything together out of practically nothing. She could do it again. She had to.
            She went over her ideas with Jo and she ended up walking out with a happy grin on her face that filled Meredith’s heart with hope.
            “She walked in looking stressed and now she’s glowing. I’m going to go ahead and assume your meeting was a success.”
            Meredith stood up and grabbed her laptop case as she turned to hug Jane.  “That’s because it was.  I’m going to make sure that woman has the best reception ever.  She’s such a sweetheart, Jane.  She’s all alone in the world, but she’s madly, passionately in love with her guy.  Time to create some magic,” she said, grinning as ideas and images already began swimming through her mind.
            Jane laughed and pushed Jo’s chair into the table and picked up the empty plate.  “I still remember how mad Kit was that my half of the reception turned out better than hers.  I think she’ll always hold it against you.”
            Meredith grinned and flipped her hair over her shoulder.  “Good.  It’s not every day I get to show up a professional wedding planner with twenty years of experience.”
            Jane walked with her to the door and held it open for her. “I’m so proud of you, Meredith. You found your dream and you’re jumping in with both feet.  I just feel bad that Cleo has to wait until spring for her wedding.”
            Meredith’s smile faded a little as she thought of her roommate and friend, Cleo who had just made it through a horrific experience where she’d almost lost her life.  Her body was healing but it would take time.  And Cleo didn’t want to marry Tai until she was 100% herself.  They were planning on honeymooning in Costa Rica for a week.
            “Well, I can’t blame her.  I wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle on crutches either.  No, she’s smart to wait.  She wants her wedding day to be perfect.  Poor Tai though.  He wants the wedding to be next week.”
            Jane giggled and shook her head. “Those Matafeo boys have a hard time with delayed gratification.  Waiting is good for the soul though.”
            Meredith pulled out her umbrella and grinned.  “I’m with Tai. I hate waiting.  See you later,” she said and walked out into the cold drizzle.
            She walked the three blocks to her apartment and smiled happily even though her toes were cold and her laptop case was biting into her shoulder.  She would have driven her car to the bakery, but she was low on gas. And money. Splurging on the pastries and hot chocolate for Jo was a business expense she’d be able to write off, but in the meantime, she was wondering how she was going to buy groceries next week.
            Some of her excitement in getting a new client faded as she realized just how little money she was going to make and just how many bills were waiting to be paid.  She remembered Kam’s advice about not waiting for clients to come to her and going out and getting the clients herself.  But how?
            She walked up the stairs to her apartment and unlocked the door.  She slipped off her boots and leaned her umbrella up against the coat tree before slipping out of her rain coat.
            “Cleo?” she called out as she walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge.  She was starving now since she’d been too nervous to eat at Belinda’s.  Jo hadn’t minded and had gleefully eaten every pastry she’d ordered.  She didn’t mind since she’d gotten the job, but now she was hungry.
            She immediately saw the large glass filled with green slimy stuff with a note that had her name on it.  Meredith grimaced and picked up the cold glass and read the note.
            I made this for you, Mer.  You’ll love it.  It has mangos and pea protein so you can           have good energy today.  Hope everything went well with your meeting.  See you tonight      after dinner. Tai is taking me to Seattle for the day to do a little shopping.  Be good! –          Cleo
            Meredith smiled and felt her heart warm. Cleo was a pain in the butt when it came to shoving green smoothies down everyone’s throats, but the woman had a heart as big as the ocean. Meredith glanced at the glass and sighed, taking off the plastic wrap before taking a sip.
            “Hmm, not bad,” she muttered as she wandered back to the family room where she sat down and pulled her legs up.  She had a lot to do.  She had to begin planning Jo’s wedding and figure out how to do a five thousand dollar wedding with just two thousand dollars. Yeah, no biggie.  That and she had to figure out how to get a few more clients.  She took another sip and then closed her eyes as she waited for inspiration to come.
            Her head whipped up as she heard a light tapping on her door.  She set her glass down and hurried over, checking to see who it was before opening the door.
            “Asher,” she said with a grin as she opened the door wide.  “What’s up?”
            Asher stood in the hallway looking like he always did, too handsome for his own good. The man was eye candy. Pure and simple. With his wavy brown hair and glittering blue eyes, he could date any girl in Washington. And probably had, now that she thought of it.
             Asher smiled and motioned toward her apartment.  “I had some free time and figured we could hang out and you could tell me how your meeting went.”
            Meredith smiled and opened the door wide before turning and walking back towards the couch.  Asher shut the door and followed her, sitting near her with his arm over the back of the couch.
            “It went well.  I now have my first official client and she’s darling.  She’s a tomboy with no clue about weddings but she’s so in love it makes me want to just hug her.”
            Asher lifted an eyebrow and grinned.  “And how is her budget? Can she afford you?”       Meredith winced and took a sip of her smoothie before answering.  Asher was all about business and figures and sometimes forgot about having a heart. “Well, we’re going to figure it all out.  She’s going to do a lot of the legwork and I’ll help on the items that she can’t handle.  I just want her to have the best day of her life.”
            Asher groaned. “You’re such a romantic, Mer. You’re going to be out on the streets begging in a couple months and here you are giving your services away for free. You need an assistant to do this part of the initial meetings so that you don’t get taken in by every sad face who shows up with empty pockets.”
            Meredith frowned and looked away from Asher.  “Ash, she was a foster kid growing up. She doesn’t have any family. Any.  She has no one and she’s doing this all on her own.  How could I say no?”
            Asher sighed and reached over and touched a strand of her hair, pulling it through his fingers.  “Easy, you say, no.”
            Meredith glared at Asher and then punched his arm when he began laughing at her.
            “Sorry, stop hurting me,” Asher said, rubbing his arm.  “But seriously, if you want to stay in business, you’re going to need clients who actually pay what you’re worth.”
            Meredith took another sip of Cleo’s smoothie and set the glass down before leaning back.  “I know. I ran into Kam at the bakery before Jo showed up and he said something interesting to me.  He said, I need to stop waiting for clients to come to me and I need to go out and get them.”
            Asher laughed and leaned his head in his hands. “That’s actually a good idea, but how are you going to do that? Walk up to people holding hands in the park and hand out your business card?”
            Meredith bit her lip and looked at the ceiling as a crazy thought popped into her head. Her eyes went wide and wondered if it was even possible.
            “Not exactly. I’m thinking more along the lines of match making.”
            Asher stared at her silently for a moment. “You can’t be serious.”
            Meredith glanced at him and winced. “Like you said, I could be out on the streets soon.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.”
            Asher licked his lips and lowered his arms.  “There’s desperate and then there’s crazy. Mer, this is crazy.”
            Meredith glared at Asher and sat up, turning her body to face his. “Hear me out. I start up my own little dating website and I give the people who end up falling in love a discount package on wedding planning. What do you think?”
            Asher massaged his forehead before answering. “First off, dating websites aren’t just something that you can snap your fingers and create in a day.  But I have to admit it could be good advertising for your wedding business even if you don’t make it as a matchmaker. Any way you can get your name out there is a good thing.”
            Meredith nodded.  “I know who can help me with the matchmaking website. Brogan Moore.  He’s a computer whiz.  I could go in with him fifty, fifty and like you said, I’ll get all of that business funneled my way.  Plus it will give me an income until my business takes off.  What do you think?”
            Asher pursed his lips as he looked at his hands before answering.  “Dang, Meredith … it just might work,” he said, sounding surprised. “What does Brogan say about it? How fast can he get the site up and running?”
            Meredith’s smile slipped. “Well, I haven’t actually talked to him about it yet. I kind of just came up with the idea a few seconds ago.”
            Asher tilted his head back and laughed. “Ah, Meredith, you crack me up.  Such a firecracker.  Tell you what, I’ve got his number in my phone, I can give him a call for you and set up a meeting.”
            Meredith began bouncing up and down on her couch as she clapped her hands. “Yes! Wait, but why would you do that?”
            Asher pulled out his phone and scanned through his contacts. “Easy, because I want in on this.”
            Meredith’s face lit up as she grinned at Asher before throwing a pillow at him.  “Tell me I’m brilliant first.”
            Asher glanced at her and winked. “Meredith, not only are you beautiful, but your mind is gorgeous.”
            Meredith’s smile went up a few more degrees. When Asher wanted to be charming, the man could be charming. “Well, having you on board would be a huge bonus.  You could run the business side of things, Brogan could run the website and I could deal with the people. We could all do what we do best.”
            Asher nodded his head and then held up his hand as he began speaking. “Brogan, how’s it going? . . . Great, great. Listen, Meredith Jensen and I have a proposition we want to run past you and we’re wondering if you’re free for lunch today? . . . Perfect. One sound good? . . .  Okay, we’ll see you then,” he said and hung up.
            Meredith stared at Asher in shock.  “I have an idea one minute and now we have a business meeting in two hours? Are you kidding me?”
            Asher shook his head and slipped his phone back in his pocket.  “Deadly serious. This will give me time to draw up a business proposal.  I like what you’re wearing, but put your hair up.  Bring your laptop so you can show him your wedding planning website.  Sweetheart, if this works, you’ll never have to worry about being penniless again.”
            Meredith tried not get too excited. “That’s assuming a lot, Ash. That’s assuming Brogan even wants to help me with the dating website.”
            Asher laughed and stood up, reaching up to stretch. Meredith’s eyes went wide as she couldn’t help noticing his wide shoulders and trim waist. She cleared her throat and looked away, blushing.
            “Life’s a gamble, baby. But nothing ever happens unless you try, right? Meet me at The Iron Skillet at one and don’t be late,” he said, shooting his finger at her like a gun before walking out.
            Meredith walked over and automatically locked the door before turning around and leaning against it.  Life. Was. Crazy.

            She grinned and pumped her fist into the air. And wasn’t that a good thing?

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The Swoony Awards! (Yes I'm nominated and yes I want you to vote for me)

What Are the Swoony Awards?
The Swoony Awards were created to recognize excellence in clean fiction. There are so many books published every day and it can be hard to find the ones worth reading. We want to help recognize authors who write entertaining books that are wholesome. It’s our hope that each year we will help provide everyone with a great list of books to read and maybe introduce them to new authors. 

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?
-Publication Year: Only books published during the current contest year may be nominated. To be fair to all books, contest dates will run from December 1, 2013 – November 31, 2014. 
-Clean romance: No sex or closed door, low/mild innuendo. Only M/F romances. 
-Language: None/mild, anything over a handful of profanity (especially the more offensive words) would not be considered clean.
-Violence: None/mild
-Other: Nothing overly dark, depressing or heavy subject matter

Novels, novellas and short stories are all eligible for nomination, no limits on page number. Any (clean) genre is eligible (i.e. contemporary, fantasy, mystery, historical, etc.).

Each voter is able to choose up to 100 books to vote on or nominate each contest year. There is no cap on the overall number of books nominated. 

How Are Winners Selected?
We will be accepting entries throughout the year and the winners announced the first week in January. There are fifteen award categories (i.e. Best Novel of the Year, Best Historical, Best Contemporary, etc.). Winner’s will be announced via our blogs (Bookworm Nation, KJ’s Book Nook and Katie’s Clean Book Reviews) and through Goodreads Swoony Awards Group. 

Since this is a reader’s choice award the winners are determined by a combination of the number of votes received and how high the voter rated the book and what rank the voter gave each book they voted for. 

Who Are We?

Kathy (Bookworm Nation)
I've been hosting a book review blog, Bookworm Nation, for over five years. I love to read and review books. And of course, I love to discuss books! A few years ago I started the Goodreads group, Happily Ever After Book Club. It's through Goodreads that I met Katie, Kathy Jo and Heidi and while discussing our love of books one day we thought it'd be fun to host our own Reader's Choice award. We're excited to introduce the Swoony's this year, it's going really well and we look forward to hosting it for years to come. 
Contact Info for Kathy:
Twitter: @bookwormnation

Kathy Jo (KJ's Book Nook)
This may come as a shocker but I have NOT always been a little bookworm. In fact growing up I was not the kid you saw jumping at the chance to read. I was the one that just did it to make my teachers happy. That silent reading time during school?! Yeah.. I was the kid napping! ;) About 12 years ago someone loaned me a book and said I just HAD to read it. I took it just to get them off my back and much to my surprise I could NOT put it down! And from then on I would read... but only that one author. I refused to read anything else! It wasn't until 2009 when 2 of my favorite people introduced me to the Twilight Series that I actually started branching out. And ever since then I haven't been able to STOP reading! ;) About 5 months ago I decided to start a book blog and I have been loving it! I get to be another voice for all the amazing authors that I love! How cool is that?! And of course through my adventures in reading I have been able to meet some amazing women who love books just as much as, if not more than, me! I love chatting with them about all the books we read! We have become such great friends that at times I forget that I've never really met them in person! Books just have a way of bringing people together! My reading choices vary... I love a lot of different genres.With that said... I am not ashamed to admit that I am a romantic and I love fluff! As long as it's clean and has a HEA, I'll definitely give it a try! Any book that gives me a break from reality and puts a smile on my face is definitely a book for me!    
Contact Info for Kathy Jo:
Twitter: @kjincali 

Katie (Katie's Clean Book Collection)
I started blogging about a year and a half ago. I've always loved to read and talk about books--it's my obsession. The first book I learned to read on my own was Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham. I love a lot of different genres, but my favorite is clean romance, which is perfect for the Swoony's! I've had a blast meeting new friends who enjoy the same types of books that I do. 

Contact Info for Katie:
Twitter: @lilacqueen75
I'm a mother of four amazing kids and married to my own Prince Charming. I love to read, kiss my handsome Prince, bake, run (because I love to bake), ride horses, play sports, and spend time with my little family. I first fell in love with reading at a very young age because of my sweet grandmother who always took the time to read me my favorite books over and over again. She could never tell me no. My wonderful mother is also entirely addicted to reading and we love to "talk books" late into the night....and plot how we are going to buy more. :) I adore clean, happily ever after books, and I've loved getting to know so many other women who do as well. Who knew books would be the reason I would meet some of the dearest people in the world?!  
Contact Info for Heidi:

Note to Authors:
If you’ve written a book that matches the above criteria fill free to nominate it for a Swoony! Don’t be afraid to promote the award or to let your fans know your book is up and that it needs votes. We are doing some promoting, but sometimes a Facebook, Twitter or blog post directly from the author is the best way to let your fan base know your book has been nominated. Only books with a minimum of THREE votes will be added to the official nomination list found on the Goodreads Swoony Awards group page. Winners will be announced January 2015.
To stay up to date on voting and nominations, please join our GoodreadsSwoony Awards group page!

Note to Readers: 
If you’ve read a book this year that you think is awesome…VOTE! This is a great way to let authors know you appreciate all that hard work. You can vote for up to 100 books on the list. We’ve also learned that the order you rank the books you vote on does affect the overall score of the book. So take a minute and make sure you have your books in the order you want them. Invite your friends to vote! Voting ends December 31, 2014.
The 2014 Swoony Awards is now accepting nominations and votes for your favorite books of the year. Polls will be open until December 31, 2014. 

Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

As a thank you for making the Swoony Awards a success,
we'd like to offer an Amazon gift card! The winner will
have 48 hours to claim the prize. Only valid
where Amazon gift cards may be used. You must
be 13 or older to enter.

To Enter go to:

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And so it begins ...

Is it too early to say Merry Christmas?

   Merry Christmas! And to start the season off right, I want to tell you about a few awesome deals that will put you in the best mood for the season.  
   My two Christmas Novellas based on my Alpine series were both $2.99 but for the whole month of December you can grab them (or give them as gifts) for just $.99.

Here's the link.

                 Here's the link.

But that's not all! My book Come to Me is featured in a Triple Treat Box set for just $2.99. Here's the link.

   Books and deals aside, I want to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas. I hope that this season, we all wrap our arms around our loved ones and hold them close. Let's remember it's about love and not how many presents are under the tree. Love you all!
- Shannon

Thursday, October 30, 2014

KJ's Book Nook - A blog you should be reading. Really. Read it.

     So there's this amazing blog called KJ's Book Nook. Like, I'm talking - incredible.  Yeah, I know there are tons of book blogs out there. And there are a ton of great book blogs out there.  I read a lot of them so I know.  But here's the thing about KJ's Book Nook that is so unique and flat out awesome.  She casts the characters for you from your favorite books.  And it's kind of a big deal because she's SPOT ON
     As a writer, I can clearly see these people in my mind and I'm aware that everyone see's what they want to see, but this chick, (amazingly psychic chick), is pulling these characters right out of my mind. Yesterday, I was actually blown away by how accurate she was. My mouth was literally hanging open.  
     So if you're a fan of my books, either my romance trilogies or my books written under my pen name, Katie Lee O'Guinn, then you have to check this blog out. She just did a review of my book Taken, (thank you!!) and the casting is perfection. Holy. Cow. Gideon. My heart is still beating fast.  :)  So check it out and let me know what you think! Oh, and here's the link.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Which of my books is now FREE on Kindle? (for a few days)

Falling for Rayne!

   Do you enjoy Clean Romance with a dash of humor and intrigue? If so, this is the book for you. Let your friends know and help me get the word out!Here's the link. 

Garrett Murphy is used to rejection. As a child, he was rejected by his mother and as a man he was rejected by Jane Kendall. Going without love has turned Garrett into a man who doesn't trust in a woman's heart. So when he meets Rayne Nyman, she's too good to be true. She's beautiful, talented and sweet. She also happens to be a world renowned pianist. He knows there's no way she'd ever want to stay in Fircest with him when she could be living the life she was born to. Rayne is determined to prove him wrong and show him that love can be forever but when she comes under fire and her life is put in danger,she might not have the chance.

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5.0 out of 5 stars If you love clean romance... June 21, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
Falling for Rayne is the first book in Shannon's new series but it is not the first book set in Fircrest. This is actually book #7. So start with book one in the Love and Dessert Trilogy: You Belong With Me because you'll want to meet the women of Belinda's Bakery. Then work you way through that series followed by the Love and Trust series. Then read this one. It's just better that way. I'd fallen in love with Garrett before even picking up this book.

Garrett was one of my favorite side characters in the first 2 series set in Fircrest. In fact when I finished Tough Love I emailed Shannon asking if Garrett would get his own story. She replied that he would...

My next trilogy is called Love and Flowers and it will be based on Garrett and his brothers. Never fear, I wouldn't leave him hanging.

As soon as I saw Falling for Rayne was available I borrowed it from the Kindle Lending Library. Shannon is a master at writing characters that I can't help but fall in love with. Her books are all squeaky clean and yet full of romance. They all follow a similar pattern but I like that I know what to expect and know that I am going to get the happily ever after that I want. That's the reason I pick up these books. Garrett and Rayne had great chemistry and I loved their interactions.

I'm looking forward to the next two books in the series as I love the new characters who have been introduced.

If you love clean romance check out Shannon's books.

Rating: 5 Stars - I loved it.

Content: Clean

Source: Kindle Lending Library

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping & Vibrant July 5, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
Gripping and vibrant from sentence one!! Readers come across books that are riveting from the start and others that take awhile to get into…Guymon immediately captures hearts with this full of life, clean romance about hope, trust and renewed faith in happy endings!! I especially enjoyed the uniqueness of how Garrett is the one who finally discovers what he’s looking for in Rayne vs. the customary story where the female has to unearth her ‘dream’ guy.

Characters are easy to support and connect with, which makes for an exciting lead in for what is to come. Because the characterization feels so real the storyline comes to life making the time invested well worth it! Guymon is straight to the point in this novel with remarkable plot that links previous characters who add to the flow of the story. Counting down to Book 2!

The Book Stalker Reviewed

5.0 out of 5 stars Garrett's Story... YAY!! July 4, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Falling for Rayne is A-MAZ-ING!! I absolutely LOVED it!!

Garrett has been a favorite of mine since the Love and Dessert trilogy and I was absolutely THRILLED to find out that he was going to get his own series with his very own HEA!! If anyone deserves one it's definitely him!! And of course Rayne does too!! She is completely PERFECT for him!! I just have to say that she was one determined little firecracker and I loved it!! They both kind of had a crappy childhood but being together makes them want to live... be happy... and just enjoy life! And seeing Rayne enjoying the little things in life just made my heart smile!! I'm always saying it's the little things that matter the most! :)

I'm loving all the characters in this series already! Ivy... Cleo... Becket... Asher... I am SO excited for their stories! I have my thoughts on how things are going to work out and I'm secretly hoping I'm right... ;) Hehe. I foresee twists... turns... and secrets... ;)

And the little added mystery?! Very intrigued and also have a few suspicions... I don't want to give anything away but I think it's going to be a bit surprising to see how it all ends. Graham and Liam are just creepy and I know we haven't seen the last of them... *shivers*

Shannon... you are AMAZING!! Once again you sucked me in and I just could not stop reading once I was finally able to do so!! I already want to re-read this book again!! And the other series for the 3rd time this year!! ;) Hehe. And after reading this book I have to say that Falling for Rayne was indeed the PERFECT title!! I cannot wait to read the next book in this series... let the adventures continue!! ;)

Monday, September 22, 2014


     For 5 days,(9/22/14 - 9/26/14) I'm offering I Belong With You book 2 in the Love and Dessert Trilogy for FREE on Kindle! Here's the link. If you enjoyed it, let your friends know. I'm working on my newest trilogy, Love and Weddings. I'll keep you posted on updates and sneak peeks.